Advancing Amazing Discoveries to the Marketplace
Penn State is a great place to start up. Whether you are a faculty researcher looking to take your breakthrough technology, product, or program to the marketplace, or a serial entrepreneur seeking emerging technologies, the Office of Entrepreneurship and Commercialization can help.
University Research Commercialization—A Virtuous Cycle
Moving ideas and innovations from the lab to the marketplace enables faculty work to benefit society. Many cutting-edge technologies, from smart phones to global positioning systems (GPS) were developed at Universities. At Penn State, revenue generated from licensing and startup activity is shared with the researcher. Penn State’s portion of the revenue is invested back into the research and commercialization enterprise to support more research and commercialization.
Commercialization & Venture Creation Process, Resources, and Policies
Penn State has a defined commercialization process and numerous resources and policies to assist faculty researchers in safely transforming their work into practical applications. From seeking patent protection, to licensing technologies to industry, to forming a startup company, many partners across the University support technology transfer endeavors.
Inventors Guide
For Penn State researchers interested in moving forward with the commercialization process, Penn State’s Inventors Guide is a broad overview of the patenting process, including invention disclosure, and provides information about the steps, resources, and policies for patenting and licensing a technology.
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Startup Guide
For Penn State faculty, students or staff launching a startup company that is licensing intellectual property owned by the University, Penn State’s Startup Guide is a broad overview of the startup process and provides information about the steps, resources, and policies related to creating a venture.
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Startup Pipeline
The University Startup Pipeline tracks Penn State technologies in the commercialization pipeline as they move through six critical stages of development, ending in commercialization. The startup companies showcased in the pipeline are leveraging the resources, funding, and management offerings available through the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research, Academic Colleges, and other University partners. The Startup Pipeline is updated frequently and provides detailed information designed to provide information to collaborators and help potential industry or investment partners to identify opportunities for engagement.
Startup Leadership Network
Matching Penn State tech startups with seasoned executives who can accelerate their market entry.