Supporting Innovation & Economic Development
James Delattre, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Research, Director of the Office of Entrepreneurship & Commercialization
Jim Pietropaolo
Director, Startup Leadership Network
Lee Erickson, Ph.D.
Chief Amplifier
Brad Zdenek
Director of Economic Development and Student Programs
Nicole Bauman
Director of Administration
Administrative Support
Jen Shutt
Administrative Specialist
Sue McCloskey
Building Maintenance Worker
Jay Connor
Front Desk and Building Assistant
Technical Team
Kat Shondeck
Project Manager
Nicohl Geszvain
Strategic Business Systems Analyst
Amy McKee
BJ Scovern
Financial Assistant
Program and Event Managers
Program and Events Manager
Program and Events Manager
Annie Hughes
LaunchBox & Innovation Network Statewide Coordinator
Matt McKinney, Ph.D.
Entrepreneurship Program Manager
Research Commercialization
Steve Carpenter
Director of Research Startups
Derek Gross
Program Manager
Marketing, Communications and Events
Ashley Palmer
Director of Marketing and Communications
Krystle Yarrison
Senior Marketing Strategist
Katie DeFiore
Digital Communications and Startup Support Specialist
Melinda Friedhoff
Marketing Strategist
Carley LaVelle
Creative Coordinator
Katie Lipko
Marketing Communications Specialist
Sydney Turner
Marketing Communications Specialist
Brand Academy
Omar X. Easy, Ph.D.
Director, Brand Academy
Sara Jackson
Happy Valley LaunchBox powered by PNC Bank
Elizabeth Hay
Jack White Family Director
Jason Huber
Entrepreneurial Cog Connector
Ryan Mandell
Jose Nunez
Shop Manager
Tristan Hess
Service Bureau Manager
Penn State SBDC
Tim Keohane
Chelsea Blair
Business Consultant
Martin Brill
Agricultural Center of Excellence Coordinator
Elizabeth Fegert
Business Consultant
Tom Keiffer
Business Consultant
Theresa Krise
Administrative Assistant
Brandy Viehdorfer
Marketing and Events Coordinator
Tanna Pugh
Director of PennTAP
Alanna Colvin
Associate Director – Programming
Jenn Jones
Technical Advisor
Amy Jorden
Technical Advisor
Rich Joyce
Technical Advisor
Krista Schneider
Technical Advisor
Heidi Shadeck
Technical Advisor
Elizabeth Timblin
Administrative Coordinator